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Dear Prospective Bidders
Please be aware that there are individuals calling Service Providers in the name of the Municipal Manager and/or Municipal Officials or Municipal Committees, requesting money for their Bids to be processed. Kindly be aware that this is a scam. You are encouraged to report such to the South African Police Services (SAPS).

Be Alert!!!!!!

Municipal Manager
Steve Tshwete Local Municipality
Tel: 013 249 7000
Fax: 013 243 2550
Civil Engineering Services
DescriptionClosing Date
RE-Advert provision of water and wastewater quality analysis and associated services by a sanas accredited laboratory or laboratory participating in proficiency testing scheme 2021-04-26
Development & Strategic Support
DescriptionClosing Date
Hosting and technical support services for an online web application for 12 months as and when required 2021-04-26
Electrical Engineering
DescriptionClosing Date
RE-ADVERT: Provision of training for operating regulations for high voltage systems (orhvs) course 2021-04-29
Financial Services
DescriptionClosing Date
Supply and delivery of spray bottles 2021-04-28
Information & Communication Technology
DescriptionClosing Date
RE-ADVERT: Maintenance and repair of structured network cables for 12 months as and when required 2021-04-26
Municipal Building Services
DescriptionClosing Date
RE-ADVERT: Services and maintenance of electrical infrastructure at municipal building & facilities of steve tshwete local municipality (area 2) for the period of 12 months as and when required 2021-04-28

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