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03 February 2022

 Reginah Makgata has never thought in her wildest dreams that she would one day   head a male-dominated engineering department in a  municipality, never mind being one of very few women in South Africa to hold such a position.

17 August 2021

Adv Bheki Khenisa – Steve Tshwete Local Municipal Manager

30 June 2021

Adv Bheki Khenisa, Steve Tshwete Local Municipal Manager, talks about the R50M Set aside for Black SMMES 


29 June 2021

R50M Set aside for Black SMMES in Steve Tshwete local Municipality 

23 June 2021

Inauguration of the Executive Mayor Cllr Diphala Motsepe

8 April 2021

Welcome speech for the 2021/22 draft budget at Adelaide Tambo Community Hall

28 April 2021

Mayoral outreach responding to the community at ward 22

14 April 2021

Middelburg Assembly Church of God

14 March 2021

Speaking at the matric 2020 event

05 March 2021

Informing the residence that Executive Mayor B.J. Tolo is alive

29 January 2021

One stop information centre at Extension 7

27 November 2020

Executive Mayor Greening Beyond COVID-19 in Steve Tshwete Local Municipality and Nkangala District

10 November 2020

Executive Mayor Interview for Transport Month Event

20 October 2020

Executive Mayor message for the matric prayer event

16 October 2020

Executive Mayor at Kosmos Stereo announcing Level 1 COVID-19 message

08 Sept 2020

2020/21 State of municipal address

1 July 2020

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State of the Municipal Address Speech

1 July 2020

 State of the Municipal Address Speech

2 July 2019

 Mayoral Inaugural Speech

25 May 2018

13 July 2018

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