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Municipal Services

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Electricity Supply

Electricity is obtained in bulk from ESKOM and distributed by the Town Council by means of an 88 kV primary cable system. This cable has a capacity of 60 MVA. At four sub-stations, the voltage is stepped down to 11 kV and distributed by means of a secondary cable network.

Monthly Accounts

Your monthly account must be paid on or before the date stated on the account. If your account is not paid timeously, services will be terminated and you will have to pay a fixed reconnection fee before services will be reconnected. It is in your own interest to ensure that all accounts are paid on or before the due date. If you have not received an account on or before the 5th of every month a copy thereof should be requested.

For your convenience the Council is, in conjunction with FNB Bank and other Banks, linked to the Automated Clearing Bereau (ACB). This system is a carefree automated payment system that simplifies the payment of water and electricity accounts considerably. Should it be preferred, application can be made to the Town Treasurer to join the consultation service. You will be contacted telephonically at a number provided by yourself, before services are terminated due to the non-payment of your account.

Contacts: +27 (0) 13 249 7000

Water supply


Middelburg is supplied with water from the Middelburg Dam which is situated on the Klein Olifants River and which at present offers a safe supply of 36 438 cubic metre per day. Raw water supplement to the Middelburg dam kwota is obtained out of the Usutu Vaal Scheme. The construction of a raw water pump station at the Witbank dam and a pipeline from Witbank dam to the Pienaars dam were completed during 1997. At present, two water purification works, with a total design capacity of more than 50 000 cubic metre per day, meet the needs of Middelburg and Mhluzi.

Contacts: +27 (0) 13 249 7258

The Boskrans sewerage purification works which was officially put into use on 10 November 1977, is at present the largest "Orbal" activated sludge plant in South Africa, with an average dry weather flow of 30 000 cubic metres per day after it has been upgraded during 1992.

The capacity of 30 000 cubic metres per day should be suffecient till the year 2010.

To view the map and contact details on refuse removals.

The growing need for Fire and Rescue services resulted in Council deciding during the seventies, to create a Fire Brigade which will render fire and rescue services. This eventually lead to the opening of the existing Fire Station in 1986.


During December 2000, Middelburg Local Council changed to Middelburg Municipality, Which now forms part of the Middelburg Magistrate District. Because of the distance between Middelburg and Hendrina it became necessary to submit a permanent fire service at Hendrina to render a better fire and rescue service to the community of Hendrina. The service consist of 26 full time personnel, 3 fire engines, 1 x rescue unit, 3 x veld fire units,1 x water tanker, 1 x hazmat unit, 1 x forward command unit and 1 x rescue boat. Fire fighting, rescue and special services are rendered to the inhabitants of Middelburg as well as in the magisterial district.


Due to high volumes of road and rail traffic passing through Middelburg, rescue services are given preference. During the first six months of the 1995/96 financial year, 138 motor vehicle accident scenes where 75 people lost their lives and 109 fires which includes residential, vehicle, bush and veld fires, were attended to. This increasing demand as a result of the incidents mentioned, necessitates the annual expansion of this service in order to meet the needs. Middelburg Fire Brigade is already regarded as one of the busiest Fire Services in Mpumalanga.

Contacts: +27 (0) 13 243 2222 / 013 249 7222

This department reports to the Manager: Public Services. The department is an integral part of the Middelburg Municipality and has a major task in the community with regard to traffic related matters.

This department deals with the following:-


Law Enforcement


The National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 and municipal bylaws is enforced by the issuing of Sect. 56 and 341 notices as prescribed by the Criminal Procedures Act 51 of 1977 when people commit offences by this section. In the case of criminal prosecutions, this department have the powers to arrest an offender and register a docket case with SAPS.

This section also deals with the free flow of traffic on all public roads. Services with regard to escort and point duties at funerals, sports activities, etc. are also rendered by this section. Special duties are performed with regard to visible policing.


Accident Bureau


This is the section in this department dealing with road traffic accidents. An effective capturing/monitoring system can provide statistics in this regard. In October 1999 this department started to keep record of all the accidents which occurred in the Middelburg Municipal area and in April 2002 all the accidents which occurred in the Greater Middelburg MP313 Municipal area. Currently SAPS deals with the investigation of serious and fatal accidents. This task will, in near future, also be dealt with by this department.


Road Traffic Bureau


This is the section in this department dealing with all the administrative matters. An effective capturing/monitoring system is used to keep record of all fines that are issued. This section also assist the public with inquiries dealing with traffic related matters. All representations with regard to fines are handed in at this section.


Warrants and Summonses


This section keeps record of fines which became warrants of arrest or summonses. They also deal with the serving thereof.




This is a new section in process with procedures with regard to the demarcation of the designated spaces, placing of hawkers and the enforcing of the by-laws relating to this matter.




This section does the maintenance of the road traffic signs, signal and markings.


Contact Telephone Numbers: 
Office Hours:(013) 249 7023
Fax:(013) 249 7356
After Hours:(013) 243 1656 / 2222
(013) 249 7222
Contact Telephone Numbers: Office Hours: (013) 249 7023 Fax: (013) 249 7356 After Hours: (013) 243 1656 / 2222 (013) 249 7222

Details of the municipal tariffs and charges for assessment rates, water supply, sewerage, electricity supply and refuse removal are obtainable on request.



The Town Council has more than 10 915 hectare of land at its disposal and is the only township developer in Middelburg. Essential services are provided before stands are sold.

Residential Erven


Sufficient erven are available in the different townships and vary in size according to the needs of purchasers.

At present there are more than 1 030 proclaimed erven with an average of 1 300m in Aerorand. Approximately 107 of these erven are fully serviced and still available to buyers. In Gholfsig there are only 11 residential erven with an average size of 1 900m still available.


Extension 18 comprising of approximately 600 residential erven with an average size of 600m, have been proclaimed recently.

These erven must still be serviced. In Mhluzi, Extension 6, 1 008 erven have recently been serviced with approximately 830 erven in the process of being serviced in Mhluzi Extension 2.


Industrial Erven


The proclamated industrial area of Middelburg covers a total area of approximately 373 hectares, of which at this stage, 120 hectares are available for sale. These stands vary in size from 2 000m to 20 000m and some of them have been supplied with sideline facilities.

In terms of the proposed draft scheme for Middelburg, a further possible 400 hectares have been identified for future industrial development.

In Mhluzi, Extension 5, 47 industrial erven are available.