Republic Of South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All prepaid meter users, vending service providers and meter manufactures.
  • On the 24th of November 2024 all ‘old’ meter keys will ‘expire’ and tokens will not work in the meters, so we have to start using a new meter key before that date
  • Think of your car odometer – it rolls over to zero at some point, this is what happens to the meter key and it stops working
  • In order to update your meter keys you will be required to insert a special token called a Key Change Token. This is 2 x 20 digit tokens that must be inserted one after the other, just like credit tokens.
  • You need to ensure that you use up all your old, unused credit tokens before you enter the key change tokens. If you do not enter your credit tokens first, you will not be able to use them after you have entered the key change tokens.
  • Your credit on the meter will not be affected.
  • No, you will need to have your meter changed if it is a properly functioning prepaid meter
  • It is a set of 2 X 20-digit numbers that you will need to enter into the meter in the sequence that it is given to you.
  • Always remember to wait a few seconds before entering each set of 20-digit numbers as each meter number is different and may need the pause to read the tokens correctly.
  • Once the tokens are entered into the meter you will be safe to carry on using the meter and come 2024 your meter will continue to function normally.
  • So that your meter is upgraded with a new encryption key to ensure that it functions correctly after November 2024.
  • If you have been issued the key change tokens but do not enter them any credit tokens you purchase thereafter will not work in the meter
  • Contact the Municipality Call Centre on 087 285 9010
  • This is not true at all, prepaid meters measuring rate cannot be adjusted by tokens, that can only be done at the meter manufacturers factory in a calibrated manner.
  • The credit on your meter remains. It will not be affected.
  • No, you need to use up all credit tokens before you enter the key change tokens
  • Municipal Cashier Points